Lock Rekeying Jacksonville





Lock Rekeying Jacksonville
Losing or misplacing keys, damaging keys due to overuse, also lack of maintenance and forgetting where your spare keys are would call for lock re-keying in Jacksonville. Even if you do find your spare keys after losing the primary ones, you should re-key locks because it is quite possible that your primary keys have landed in the wrong hands. You don’t want to deal with a possibility where your keys could be used or misused by others, with or without your knowledge. There are many instances when you would be compelled to change key for lock and there are situations when lock rekeying Jacksonville is an option.

Let us consider the possibilities when you may hand your keys to someone other than your immediate family member. You could hand over your keys to a babysitter, to your neighbor, some friend, a contractor or technician working on something in your home, to guests who would be staying temporarily and there are many other professionals whom you may give your keys for specific purposes. You should not only take your keys back but you should consider lock re-keying Jacksonville to protect your home from any undesirable entry or trespassing. You cannot be sure where your keys have been and who all had got access to the same. You cannot be sure if someone had made duplicates or replicated the keys shared by you. The only solution is to rekey locks.

We recommend lock rekeying Jacksonville for all these reasons and for another quintessential factor. You could go ahead and change your locks instead of lock re-keying. You can change all the locks that have been opened and used by the keys you had shared. This will be a costly exercise. If you wish to keep the costs down then you should rekey locks. It doesn’t take much ransacking or pondering to know that the cost to change key for lock will always be less than changing the lock and getting its corresponding key. Instead of going around your house and changing locks for whatever reason, just opt for lock re-keying in Jacksonville, spend less and secure the same peace of mind as changing the locks. Give us a call today and we can schedule a consultation or we could also offer you emergency lock re-keying in Jacksonville if the situation demands so.


Lock Rekeying Jacksonville


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